Sunday, May 29, 2011


Haiya!!! It has been quite awhile since I last updated my blog.. Didn't find to do it >.< Well.. I finished my last paper on Friday, which was quite tough >.< (seriously).. And went to Sunway with Meiyen and Lam to watch pirates.. Erm.. Nice movie.. BUT.. The mermaid didn't go topless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE was waiting for THAT!!!!! Pah!!! Stupid M'sai cinema.. Cut cut cut.. Cheat money only =.= Lam lost her things AGAIN=.= This time is her new bought slippers (last time her phone =.=) at the same place which is the popcorn vendor except in the different mall=.= Haih..

Got something for J and myself =D I didn't noticed the charm bracelet is for charity until after I gave it to him >.> He said he is going to wear it and would never take it off.. But I seriously doubted that >.< Don't misunderstand me, I didn't doubt him but i doubted the quality of the bracelet.. I mean com'on la.. It is going to break off in a week >.< (I hope not.. CHOI!!) Then had dinner with Ah Howe koko n Karen jie jie..

Came back to penang on Saturday morning.. Kept dozing off while talking to daddy@@ Well.. I knew it.. I can't text as much as I like as in Subang or Klang.. Daddy kept scolding me=.= What.. Itz not like I texted a lot.. A few hundreds nia mar.. Okay okay.. A thousand >.< Okay okay.. Around there lar >.< Hehe xD

Went to meet J and had dinner in Burger King(date?@@).. Hmm.. Words can't really describe how I feel about him.. I don't know why I have the urge to keep sticking close to him >.< And feel like hugging him, laying on him, and even.. Kissing him >.< Luckily I'm not the only one.. He said he felt the same.. Hmm.. I don't know (shrug) *innocent way xD We'll see.. But what I do know is.. I felt so so so comfortable around him.. Being myself for the first time.. Not worrying that he would look at me differently for being myself.. Oh ya!!!!! I had my first ciggy!!!!! xD *throw some flowers xD Kept choking >.< So sia sui.. Hmm.. Maybe I should practice by myself by before seeing him again =D

Daddy tortured me!!!! >.< Forced me to go for station 6 =.= What the heck.. I haven't been exercising for 6 months!!!! And you ask me to hike for 2 hours????? And then jog for another half an hour????? =.= Haih.. Gonna have sore muscles tonight..

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