Sunday, May 22, 2011

A new start

Deleted everything inside my old account that day.. Created by sy in 2008, when I looked back it was so foolish, full of my groans, moans and endless complaints.. To some, those are memories.. To me, they are just something that I should let go.. Long ago..

Somewhere over the rainbow huh.. Yeah.. It is a song I love and my dream.. Some day, somewhere over the rainbow, I really hope I could find that someone.. Someone which is special to me as I am to him.. Smiling at me, he would stretch out his hands and bring me to his world, to our world.. I don't mean fairyland or fantasy or those unrealistic things of course.. Just the normal live we lead but now there are two of us to face it instead of me alone.. I'm tired of being alone.. I'm sick of looking at those great guys out there slipping through my fingers every time I approach them..

Wait!!!! To the "special" guy, well I tell you, I'm going to whack and spank and punch you when I see you.. And ask, "Where have you been all these years?" Haha.. Poor guy.. But I don't care xD

Hmm.. Waiting for my friend to wake up.. We made a bet yesterday.. Hopefully he keeps his words la xD

I didn't cry last night.. Just.. Emo.. I hate the feeling.. Of losing.. Bye byes and ignores upset me.. A lot.. I wonder is it because of what he did last time.. Hmm.. That's the only reason I can find.. Well, enough of him.. This new blog ain't gonna be about him.. Not anymore.. Peace xD

Have to study today >.< Next paper on Tuesday.. Wish me luck anyone..

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