Monday, May 23, 2011

Weird Dream

Morning, world!!! =) Brights and shines!!

Had a very very weird dream this morning.. In the dream, daddy bought me a fucking YELLOW myvi.. As in bright lemon yellow=.= What would he ever do that??? He knew I hate it as much as I hate =x And even worse is.. My sis won a red myvi in some stupid competition and daddy bought mum a black one=.= and my another cousin sister got a white one for her birthday.. So we were like cruising with the myvis=.= Sweat right? Cruising with myvis=.= What a stupid dream!!!!! Blame J for it xD He didn't wake me up T^T

Have to study later >.< Tomorrow exam dee..

Ps: Kakak maggi really salty >.< I'm going to get botak in no time..

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