Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Haiya~ It's me again.. I'm now in facebook bookstore opposite TCSJ.. A very nice place with the atmosphere I like^^ I'm sorry you can't take a look at the photos because I'm too shy to take any o>..< simple things but very cute and adorable.. Wooden utensils, little bean bags, sacks, well-decorated photo frames, cups and the most unique little things I ever seen.. A huge wooden book shelf stocked with the types of books and novels that I love.. I was quite amazed by their collection of books when I first came here.. Very well stocked indeed>.< and the magazine shelve is on the other side of the wall together with newspapers.. The most attractive part of the whole shop I must admit is the coffee bar and the cake rack.. Yes the one that you often seen in the Taiwanese or Korean drama >.<

Well, today I ordered a mango ice blended.. The Note there I wrote less sweet and wow.. They really mean it by giving me no sugar at all>.< okayy.. I don't mean no sugar when I say less sweet >.< But then.. Okayy la.. Good for health.. lol..

Hmm.. The music playing quite nice^^ Guess I won't need my headset after all =)

But seriously.. I'm so sleepy>.> didnt sleep well or long enough last night.. Screwed up my paper today again.. Well, I won't day screw up la.. I finished it and I know what am I writing.. But then.. Oh well.. It is quite a tough paper.. So.. Keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best then^^

Now.. I wonder how am I going to drive with these sleepy eyes later@@ And I dare not the ask him drive anymore.. This morning what a big tantrum he threw at me O.O Driving like a mad man, blasting the music and slamming the door like that.. But I still managed to fall asleep despite all that>.> You can imagine how sleepy I was then and how sleepy I will become after the horrible paper>.> Seriously.. Hopefully no accident later..

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